Frequently Asked Questions

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By Mail:
Make checks payable to New Market Utility District. Do not send cash in the mail.
New Market Utility District
P.O. Box 96
New Market, TN 37820

In Person:
Bring both portions of your current bill to the New Market Utility District location below during business hours (M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm). We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit or debit cards, cash, money order and checks.
New Market Utility District
900 W Highway 11e
New Market, TN 37820

Drop Box:
24-hour payment drop-box is located in the front of the utility office building,
900 W Highway 11e, New Market, TN 37820.
Please pay with check or money order to ensure proper credit. New Market Utility District cannot be responsible for cash left in the drop box.

Bank draft:
The bank draft form. However to set up, you must come into the utility office. Please bring the form and a voided check into the office. This is a convenient and worry free way to pay your bill while avoiding postage, late charges or disconnections.

Other Customer Service Locations:
You can also pay at one of the customer service locations listed below as long as your bill is not past due. Your bill is required when making a payment:
First Peoples Bank
Regions Bank
Hometrust Bank
Atlantic Capital Bank
Prior to calling New Market Utility District, please check the property's main shut off valve to ensure it has not been accidentally turned off. If your main shut off valve is fully open and you do not have a lock on it with a past due balance, please contact New Market Utility District at (865)475-2467.

It's easy and it's the law!

Call 811, or (800)351-1111, or (615)366-1987

Buried utilities could exist just about anywhere you dig. Homeowners and contractors can help prevent damage to underground utilities and prevent service interruptions by calling TN 811 at least 3 working days prior to excavating.